Creative Ways To Use Printable Art

  • Thank You Gift Tags

    Whenever I am looking for an affordable way to say "thank you" I love to grab a little treat or snack or personal item. It means a more to me if it has a little gift tag with a thank you where I can write a personal message on the back. I like these tags because if you need to you can print out just one sheet and have it on hand for when you need it. However, you can also print multiple sheets and hand them out to big groups for graduations, appreciation weeks, retirement partys, banquets etc.  We have several different options depending on what you are looking for. If you would like one customized just for you, you can click HERE.

    Here are a few ideas:

    firefighter thank you tageasy peasy lemon squeezy gift tag by always yesterday printpolice thank you tagNurse thank you taglove and thanks police tag


    Thank you for helping us dream big gift tag by Always Yesterday Prints

    Take Time to Relax Camping theme thank you tags by Always Yesterday Printspolice popcorn tag

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Camping Theme

    we can move mountains because of you
    from little seeds grow mighty trees
    These are  our bulletin boards in front of our front office. We cut out the letters using a cricket machine and used butcher paper for the rest.
    PTA pro tip: Measure the board/space ahead of time, glue everything together first and just staple one big poster.
    camping theme decor
    We decorated the teachers lunch room with cut out trees, buffalo print and wood centerpieces. We had a burlap runners for the main table and kept our color scheme very simple. 
    camping theme decor
    camping theme breakfast bar
    We started off the week with a thank you breakfast. We did yogurt parfaits, fruit and muffins.
    soda bar for teachers
    Mid week we did a soda bar for our teachers and staff. We had flavors, the good ice ( small pebble from sonic) and lemons and limes. This was one of the teachers favorite things because they loved the cups we gave them to go along with our theme!
    cup gifts for teachers
    teacher gift ideas

    s'more cupcake

    Another day we did s'more cupcakes!

    PTA pro tip: Buy the cupcakes pre-baked and frosted already from your local grocery bakery and then add the chocolate and gram crackers on top!

    s'more cupcake sign for teachers


    You could use a download like this one and print in on any color. 

    These handouts were super helpful! We attached some essential oils to the relax tags but you could easily do a bath bomb, red box code or treat etc. The other handout you could use with a goodie bag, take home s'mores, flashlight, water bottle or anything camping themed.

    BBQ lunch for teachers

    We ended the week with good a good old fashioned BBQ. We served pulled pork sammys and coleslaw with potato salad, fruit and chips.

    PTA pro tip: Do not by over-sized plates or they WILL fill them up!

  • Lights, Camera, Appreciation!

    Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!

    Teacher Appreciation Week Theme Lights Camera Appreciation
    It is always a struggle to come up with a well thought out theme for Teacher Appreciation Week. At our school we also like to think about and thank the other staff at the school. We had a bunch of stars left over from an event and decided to just go with it. Thus you have, lights, camera, appreciation!
    Hollywood theme teacher appreciation
    Instead of having the room parents decorate the doors this year, we had them trace a bunch of stars on butcher paper. This is also a great idea to gather your room parent tribe and talk, have some snacks and get stuff DONE! We had  a few cute teenagers with fancy lettering step up and help out with writing all the teachers names. They felt like stars!
    teacher appreciation week stars theme
    We then went to work on the teachers lunch room. The black and red curtains are just plastic table cloths sewn through with some string to gather them up. We then hung them up on command hooks. The stars are hung on a black ribbon that attaches to the top. The gold stars on the side were wooden cutouts wrapped in wrapping paper. ( You could have totally spray painted these as well but we borrowed them.) The rest is stuff is from the dollar store or oriental trading. 
    PTA pro tip: Do NOT use duck tape on any service if you want to remain alive. 
    For the centerpieces we went simple. Again all stuff bought at the dollar store however the little Oscar guys were all cut out by a room parent and her mad cricket skills. (Bless volunteers.) 
    Everyday that week we had a little something for the teachers and staff. One day we did a snack bar with popcorn and treats. We picked up a bunch of the treats in the bulk section at winco. For the bags we just got some red paper sacks and paper punched a star through them.
    *PTA pro tip: Fill up the bag halfway with popcorn first so they don't take so much candy.
    For our bulletin board right outside the office we made all our teacher STARS!

    *Click HERE to purchase download!*

    For other items I put together this package of printables. It includes one poster, and 2 cute handouts. The one on the left are bag toppers and the one on the right is a place to put a red box code as a gift to the teachers. We got our printables printed on red paper wrote down the codes and then attached to some popcorn to handout.
    PTA pro tip: Each teacher has to sign for the red box code in order to be reimbursed.
  • How Do I Print A Printable Art Download?

    What is printable art?

    Printable art is a great way to choose and buy art for your home. You can customize your style by hanging art unique to you, or give as a gift. It allows you to pick the art you would like from the convenience of your computer or device. Once you buy the digital file directly from the artist, you can download it. These files are normally JPEG, PNG or PDF format with 300 dpi. You can then arrange to have the design printed (either yourself on your home printer) or – have it printed at a local or online print shop. Printable art is an instant, easy and affordable way to have a design printed and hung on your wall in a matter of minutes!

     What are the benefits of printable art?

    1. Instant fulfillment: You do not have to wait for anything to be shipped! You can pick out the art you would like and own the design file instantly. You can then print the file on your own time, put in a frame and it's ready to be placed on your wall.

    2.Choice: You can decide what paper product your artwork is printed on. There are so many different mediums and it all depends on personal preference. Glossy, matte, bright white, card stock, luster,etc.  Or, you can take your design and create a canvas, metal artwork or ornament. The sky is the limit!

    3. Price: Because your art print design does not need to be physically produced and shipped to you, it’s a more cost effective and more economical way of getting your hands on new art.

    4. Quality: Modern printing technology means that once you’ve obtained a high resolution digital printable file, you can reproduce it to near original quality! Having a high quality image means crisper sharper images.

    How do I get started?

    1.Add the items you would like to your cart. Remember to sign up for our email if you would like an additional 20% off your first purchase. When finished (and you have the code) go to check out. 

    2.After payment, you'll be directed to a confirmation page with links to download the design(s) you've purchased. You'll also receive an email containing a link to download your file(s). Please check your spam/junk folder if you're unable to find the email.

    3.Once downloaded you can print at home or upload it to an online print shop for printing. Whenever printing your digital designs, we recommend using photo paper. Out of ALL the printing options we have tried, printing on a high luster photo paper has had the best results. We suggest printing at a photo lab primarily. Photo labs have amazing printers and good quality ink. But nowadays home printers can give just as great results! 

    What print shops do you recommend?

    It is best to check out what is in your local area and what works best for you on price point, time and quality. For more commercial print shops you could check out Staples, Office Max, FedEx Kinko's, Walgreen's, Walmart, Costco etc. For online print shops I have had great luck with Nations Photo Lab, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, Snapfish etc.

    Printing at home or at the office:

    Using smooth cardstock or a heavyweight photo paper for your prints with a texture of  glossy, semi-gloss, satin, luster or matte selections are matters of personal preference. At Always Yesterday Prints we prefer matte paper with a luster sheen for most of my prints. When gloss is used it can contribute to glare and reflection when framed.

    When you go to print your files, be sure your printer's settings are set to print at "original size" or 100% to ensure proper sizing. If there's a "quality" setting, select the highest available (best). Look out for the paper selection option and select the appropriate option for your selected paper. it makes a differance. 

    Can I use downloaded designs for commercial purposes?

    Printable designs are for personal use only, and should not be used for commercial purposes or free distribution. Online and personal sharing of files is strictly prohibited.