• Teacher Appreciation Week Camping Theme

    we can move mountains because of you
    from little seeds grow mighty trees
    These are  our bulletin boards in front of our front office. We cut out the letters using a cricket machine and used butcher paper for the rest.
    PTA pro tip: Measure the board/space ahead of time, glue everything together first and just staple one big poster.
    camping theme decor
    We decorated the teachers lunch room with cut out trees, buffalo print and wood centerpieces. We had a burlap runners for the main table and kept our color scheme very simple. 
    camping theme decor
    camping theme breakfast bar
    We started off the week with a thank you breakfast. We did yogurt parfaits, fruit and muffins.
    soda bar for teachers
    Mid week we did a soda bar for our teachers and staff. We had flavors, the good ice ( small pebble from sonic) and lemons and limes. This was one of the teachers favorite things because they loved the cups we gave them to go along with our theme!
    cup gifts for teachers
    teacher gift ideas

    s'more cupcake

    Another day we did s'more cupcakes!

    PTA pro tip: Buy the cupcakes pre-baked and frosted already from your local grocery bakery and then add the chocolate and gram crackers on top!

    s'more cupcake sign for teachers


    You could use a download like this one and print in on any color. 

    These handouts were super helpful! We attached some essential oils to the relax tags but you could easily do a bath bomb, red box code or treat etc. The other handout you could use with a goodie bag, take home s'mores, flashlight, water bottle or anything camping themed.

    BBQ lunch for teachers

    We ended the week with good a good old fashioned BBQ. We served pulled pork sammys and coleslaw with potato salad, fruit and chips.

    PTA pro tip: Do not by over-sized plates or they WILL fill them up!

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